When is the right time for the first kiss?

The first kiss is something that women place a lot of importance on and may even base how far they let the relationship progress. Their thinking is that if you can’t get that right, chances are you won’t be able to get the rest right either.
But don’t panic we have a few practise tips for you :)

1) Be alone

There is something about the first kiss that just dictates that the two of you must be alone. It’s a moment that you will both want to remember, and a crowd of people surrounding you will not enhance this particular memory.

2) Have good breath

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Who pays on a first date ?

1129406_euro_coinsThe New Rules: Modern dating etiquette says that the person who asks, pays. If you ask her on the date, you pay. If she asks you, she pays. Simple enough, right?

The Old Rules: Guy pays, no question about it.

The Equality Rules: Women who ascribe to a certain flavor of feminism believe that they should be expected to pitch in half, for the sake of equality, and also to reflect the realities that they cannot be bought, that they’re independent, and that they ultimately don’t owe any sexual favors in return for dinner and a movie.

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