Were Rules Made to Be Broken? Follow Your Instincts on Irish Dating Sites

blind_datesGo into any bookshop, and you’ll find shelves crammed full of books offering advice on relationships and dating.  Many of them insist you have to follow some specific rules to have fun or find your life partner.  This is not a nation known for being obsessed with rules, so does this really apply to Irish dating?  When you try a free dating online website, should you worry about whether your profile follows anyone’s rules?  When it comes to dating Dublin and the rest of the country are pretty casual, and when you join a dating site Ireland has the same attitude.  Do all these rules even work on dating sites?  If you are so busy worrying about rules, when do you get to relax and have any fun?
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Would You Go the Distance for Romance? Try These Tips for Long Distance Dating

long-distance-relationship1The thing about free dating online is that ‘online’ can mean worldwide.  A dating website can take you well beyond your own town.  When you live in Ireland dating someone in another county can be inconvenient, but what about dating someone in another country you met on free dating sites?  What if you met someone American or South African or Polish dating online?  Is it pure folly to let your heart wander that far or can long distance romance work?

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Successful Relationships

By Sonya O Keeffe Life Coach

How can couples

  • Overcome conflict
  • Make important decisions
  • Increase closeness                         On a daily basis

Disagreements about issues such as

  • Money
  • Children
  • In laws
  • Career
  • Friends
  • Hobbies                                           Causes relationships to suffer

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