Make the Best New Year’s Resolutions to Enjoy Free Irish Dating Sites in 2014

new yearSingles in Dublin and everywhere in Ireland are tempted to make New Year’s resolutions that this year they will find that one special person or date more people.  But when making resolutions about dating Ireland’s singles, and their peers everywhere, tend to make one mistake that leads to endless frustration and disappointment.  They make resolutions about online dating that are dependent on other people fulfilling their wishes.  New Year’s resolutions are goals, so why not approach them like goals in any other area of life?  SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.  So how does that look when applied to free Irish dating sites?  And when it comes to free dating sites Ireland has some great options for singles in Dublin and every village in the country. Continue reading

Surviving the Season: Tips for Irish Singles

christmas-party_peopleThis is a festive and magical time of year… for the most part!  It is also a time of year when Irish singles can feel pressure or disappointment about being single.  Maybe another year has gone by without The One showing up on your free dating site.  Or maybe it’s a particular aunt you see only at Christmas who thinks you really need her opinion on your life.  Even the joy of couples we know and the images of Christmas romance in ads and shop windows can get the most upbeat Dublin singles down.  Whether you are 25 or 55, a lifelong Dub or Polish, dating a few people you met through free dating online casually is great fun, but not everyone understands that at Christmas. Continue reading

How to Pick the Perfect Present for Your New Date from an Irish Dating Site

4609395When you are on dating sites, meeting someone special late in the year can be awkward at Christmas.  Whether you are living and dating in Dublin or travelling a distance to see each other, if your romance started through free online dating recently, you want to show you care without going overboard.  What can singles in Dublin and around Ireland do to find the gift that is meaningful but not so personal it says more than you meant it to? Continue reading

Irish Singles Can Balance Christmas Fun with Family, Friends and Dates

Christmas-coupleThey say a failure to plan is a plan to fail – and that is a good motto for anyone using a dating website.  This is a magical season for dating; Dublin and every town and village is being decorated and there is something very romantic about the twinkling lights, parties and cosy fires that mark this time of year.  But if you are meeting people on free dating sites Ireland’s traditional family Christmas celebrations can be hard to balance with new relationships and opportunities to meet people.  That’s why Irish singles need to be thinking ahead to the big day now. Continue reading