Are You Sure Your Heart Is Open to Finding Real Love on an Irish Dating Site?

il_fullxfull.401655393_e1uaNot everyone who joins a free dating site is looking for real love and a serious relationship.  People do use free online dating for carefree dating, and that’s great.  But others join Irish dating sites in search of a meaningful, long term relationship and unconsciously sabotage themselves.  If you are frustrated with your experience with free online dating, Dublin’s club scene and meeting people through activities, you have to ask yourself if you are unconsciously creating barriers to finding that special someone. Continue reading

When You Meet Someone You Fancy on a Dating Website, Try a Little KISS

Copy of iStock_000017595988XSmallYou’ve heard the advice applied to every other aspect of life – work, home organization – so why not apply it to Irish dating?  No, sorry, that isn’t kiss – although that is also very popular – it is KISS, an acronym for Keep It Simple, Silly.  In general we like to keep things simple in Ireland; dating is the exception.  On a free dating online website or in the local, we are as likely to overcomplicate things as people anywhere else.  So what does it mean to keep it simple on dating sites? Continue reading

Irish Singles Can Treat Themselves Well by Being Their Own Valentines

velntine boxIt is as true as when Annie Lennox first sang it.  Sisters are doing it for themselves.  And so are the brothers.  Valentine’s Day can be harsh for singles in Dublin and everywhere else, but only if you buy into the idea that your life isn’t complete without a lifelong soul mate at your side.  Whether you are using free dating sites to find that special someone or you just enjoy meeting new people through online dating, there is no reason to sit around feeling lonely and miserable this St. Valentine’s Day.  Irish singles deserve better.  Unless you can love and respect yourself as a single person, no one else’s love and respect are going to make you feel complete.  When you feel good about yourself it comes through on a dating site; Ireland’s singles want to meet people who are comfortable in their own skin. Continue reading

What are the Most Romantic Spots for Dating in Ireland?

10hapennybridgeAre you looking for a few of the most unusual, romantic dating sites Ireland can offer?  Most people join free Irish dating sites hoping to meet someone fairly near them to meet up in person.  And with St. Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Dublin singles and people dating in Ireland are looking for romantic places.  We have no shortage of beautiful and romantic parks and ruins, but they are not ideal in February.  Free dating online at home is warm and cosy, but winter is not the season for outdoor dating in Ireland. Don’t despair!  When you meet new people on dating sites Ireland does have plenty of charming and romantic places to escape the dull, damp weather.  Here are a few that a just a bit off the beaten path for those who’ve met their valentine on free Irish dating sites. Continue reading