Irish Singles Can Treat Themselves Well by Being Their Own Valentines

velntine boxIt is as true as when Annie Lennox first sang it.  Sisters are doing it for themselves.  And so are the brothers.  Valentine’s Day can be harsh for singles in Dublin and everywhere else, but only if you buy into the idea that your life isn’t complete without a lifelong soul mate at your side.  Whether you are using free dating sites to find that special someone or you just enjoy meeting new people through online dating, there is no reason to sit around feeling lonely and miserable this St. Valentine’s Day.  Irish singles deserve better.  Unless you can love and respect yourself as a single person, no one else’s love and respect are going to make you feel complete.  When you feel good about yourself it comes through on a dating site; Ireland’s singles want to meet people who are comfortable in their own skin.PLAN A: So if you haven’t found a valentine on free dating sites, don’t panic.  Just plan a great treat for yourself.

  • Singles in Dublin are surrounded by great restaurants, but acting going to one solo on Valentine’s Day is not a good plan if you are feeling down about the day.  But you can get something nice delivered, or you cook yourself something special.  Get over the idea that cooking for one isn’t worth it!  You are – and if you make plenty you get leftovers.
  • Candlelight isn’t just for couples.  Don’t eat that lovely dinner out of the containers in harsh lighting.  Put on some good music, light a few candles and think about what you have to offer other Irish singles on free dating sites.
  • Avoid the temptation to watch romantic movies.  Treat yourself to something funny or thrilling.  Old film noir movies are a great antidote to the Valentine’s Day blues.  Double Indemnity is a classic. But enjoy them at home.  Singles in Dublin are surrounded by cinemas, but this is not the evening to visit them solo!
  • Why not enjoy a long soak in warm bath?  Bring those candles along and add some bath oils.  If you are down, prepare to take action.  Think about how you can update your online dating profile and meet more people.

PLAN B: Maybe you’ve made some great friends on a dating site; Ireland’s singles can find more than romance online.  If you’ve made some new single friends on free dating sites, why not get together as a group?

  • Hit the tiles with your online dating mates.  You never know what can happen!
  • If you are out and about with other Irish singles from a dating site Ireland is famous for pubs, so why not take a pub crawl in search of the tackiest Valentine’s decorations in town?
  • Singles in Dublin can find plenty of offbeat ways to spend the day from a tour of the ‘dead zoo’ (aka The Natural History Museum) to the wax museum.  You and your online dating friends can find bowling alleys and pubs with darts throughout the country.  Take that cupid!

Whatever your goal is on a dating site Ireland has plenty of other singles looking for the same thing.  You are not alone.  So if you aren’t having a spectacularly romantic Valentine’s Day with the soul mate you met by joining free dating sites, you might as well enjoy yourself.  Singles in Dublin and Irish singles all around the country should be able to enjoy the day as much as anyone else.  Try a bit of pampering at home or go out with some mates who are also using online dating and have a laugh.