When You Meet Someone You Fancy on a Dating Website, Try a Little KISS

Copy of iStock_000017595988XSmallYou’ve heard the advice applied to every other aspect of life – work, home organization – so why not apply it to Irish dating?  No, sorry, that isn’t kiss – although that is also very popular – it is KISS, an acronym for Keep It Simple, Silly.  In general we like to keep things simple in Ireland; dating is the exception.  On a free dating online website or in the local, we are as likely to overcomplicate things as people anywhere else.  So what does it mean to keep it simple on dating sites?

  • Avoid lengthy descriptions of your interests or your ideal night out on your dating website profile.  Don’t skimp, but don’t over explain.  Many people will just stop reading anything very long on a free dating online website.
  • Three to five pictures of yourself is plenty for dating sites.  Make sure they are reasonably recent and include at least one clear close up of your face.
  • Don’t wreck your own head trying to guess what someone meant if something was unclear in a message on a free dating online website.  Don’t ask your friends; just for clarification.

When things move from a dating website to offline Irish dating, keeping it simple counts even more.  It isn’t the dramatic, grand gestures that build a relationship but the simple, little everyday things.  In Ireland dating can revolve around the pub.  That isn’t simple; it is stagnant.  And dating sites are a great way to meet new people and try new things instead of staying stagnant.  Keeping it simple in Irish dating is about being real.

  • It is a given that you should remember your date’s favourite tipple, but don’t stop there.  Make a point of remembering his or her favourite snacks and use that knowledge for a simple and sincere surprise now and again.  Showing up for an at home movie night with the right ice cream or popcorn says you are paying attention to this new someone you met on a free dating online website.
  • People on dating sites have a wide range of offline interests.  Whether it is a Zumba class or a premiership team, take note (literally if necessary) of when your sweetie has plans.  Don’t expect to meet up on the night of the championship or weekly yoga class.  Instead, send a text wishing your date a good time.  In Ireland dating a GAA or premiership fanatic is pretty common!
  • Don’t assume that big nights out and weekends away are always the most romantic options for Irish dating.  Regular breakfasts at a cosy little café or rain or shine walks on the weekends can do more to build a relationship because they give you a chance to really get to know your dating website sweetheart.

During the boom in Ireland dating went as over the top as anything else.  We live in different times now, and people looking for dating sites will generally prefer a free dating online website.  We’re keeping everything simpler these days.  But that doesn’t mean Irish dating is any less romantic.  It’s just another good reason to keep it simple, silly, when you meet new people on a dating website.