What are the Most Romantic Spots for Dating in Ireland?

10hapennybridgeAre you looking for a few of the most unusual, romantic dating sites Ireland can offer?  Most people join free Irish dating sites hoping to meet someone fairly near them to meet up in person.  And with St. Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Dublin singles and people dating in Ireland are looking for romantic places.  We have no shortage of beautiful and romantic parks and ruins, but they are not ideal in February.  Free dating online at home is warm and cosy, but winter is not the season for outdoor dating in Ireland. Don’t despair!  When you meet new people on dating sites Ireland does have plenty of charming and romantic places to escape the dull, damp weather.  Here are a few that a just a bit off the beaten path for those who’ve met their valentine on free Irish dating sites.

  • Dublin singles are spoiled for choice when it comes to charming restaurants.  If you are planning a dinner out in the city, you could swing by the Church of Our Lady of Carmel, otherwise known as Whitefriars Street Church, and visit the remains of St. Valentine himself.  Whitefriars Street is near St. Stephen’s Green, and the entrance nearly blends in with the low key look of the area.  The relics are in a casket below a statue of Valentine.  If you are now engaged to someone you met through free dating online, you can check the schedule and attend the special St. Valentine’s mass where they do a blessing of the rings.
  • Speaking of rings, we all know Galway is a beautiful city right at the seafront with stunning views of the ocean, but it is easy to overlook the city’s romantic claim to fame – the Claddagh ring.  While the locals might not often stop and think about it, people from outside the country dating in Ireland tend to be very interested in learning more.  The Claddagh ring was designed by a Galway man who was captured at sea by pirates and sold into slavery to a goldsmith.  When he eventually regained his freedom, he returned to Galway and his long-suffering girlfriend with the ring.  Of course she said yes!
  • Perhaps you’ve met the king or queen of your heart through free dating online.  Why not spend Valentine’s Day touring one of Ireland’s restored castles?  Royal families seem to have particular knack for complicated love stories, and it’s a great way to spend a rainy day dating in Ireland.  Check in advance about prices and hours.  Free Irish dating sites charge nothing, but these castles do have entry fees and they are some of the most romantic dating sites Ireland has to offer.
    • Dublin singles can enjoy a visit to Howth Castle, but only if they call ahead and make an appointment.  Please note there is a charge.  It is a private family home, but the family do want to open it by appointment to those who are interested in historic homes.
    • Kilkenny singles have a beautiful castle right in the town centre surrounded by park.  This one is open to the public, and visitors can enjoy a guided tour.  This is great for those who’ve recently met through free dating online because it is right in the town with plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby.
    • Cahir Castle in County Tipperary enjoys a romantic location on an island in the River Suir, perfect for anyone dating in Ireland who wants to get out of the city for Valentine’s Day.  If you and the special one you’ve met on free Irish dating sites live in different parts of the country, Tipperary might be a convenient spot to meet up.

With a little imagination, you can take your love life from free Irish dating sites to some of the most romantic spots in Ireland.  Candy, flowers and romantic dinners are all great ideas when you someone special on dating sites.  Ireland just has a lot more to offer than that.