Don’t Be THAT Person on Free Irish Dating Sites – Just Be Yourself!

smiechYour mammy might have told you that to make a good impression you just have to be yourself.  She was right, but it isn’t as easy when you are using dating sites.  On a dating site Ireland’s singles have to make do with photos and the written word – and those written words can really be tricky with free dating online because Dublin singles are reading between the lines and trying to decode what you’re really, really like. Continue reading

Remember Your Netiquette When You Use a Free Dating Online Website

ID-100112944Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and even people you meet on a dating site, but it is easy to lose the run of yourself online.  Every culture has its own dating norms; that is equally true for Polish dating, American dating, Japanese dating and when you join a free dating online website, you’ll quickly realize every dating site has its own micro culture.  Wherever you are dating, Dublin or Durban, learning to navigate not only the site map but the etiquette map is important, so here are a few tips to keep singles in Ireland dating happily online. Continue reading

On Dating Sites Ireland’s Romantic Culture Goes Beyond ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’

l-Kiss-me-Im-IrishIt’s March, and around the world people will be celebrating Irish culture and sporting t-shirts and badges saying ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’.  Singles here using online dating in Ireland, however, are not likely to be on that bandwagon.  The saying appears to actually be a play on the tourist tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone, but really, Irish singles are a lot more attractive than an old rock!  If we weren’t people around the globe wouldn’t be claiming Irish roots every March. Continue reading

What Does Spring Cleaning Have to Do with Dating, Ireland? Plenty, Actually!

happy-cleaningSpring is in the air, and if you are using free Irish dating sites to meet new people it might be time for a spring cleaning.  Whether you are dating in Dublin or a rural village, the pace of dating is unpredictable.  If you’ve met someone interesting through free dating online, you might not plan to bring him or her back to your place just yet… but things happen.  On free dating sites Ireland’s singles are advised to get to know each other in safe, public places, but you want to be prepared for the next stage.  You’ve probably heard plenty of advice about carrying condoms if there is any chance you might decide to be intimate, and if there is any chance you might wind up bringing someone new home, consider the impression your home will make on people you meet through free dating sites Ireland. Continue reading