What’s the Truth about Singles in Ireland Dating on the Rebound?

dreamstime_xs_28238116-2ulkles7bpzq77t5m29fd6Rebound dating is the subject of much fear and derision.  Beware the rebounder, Dublin singles warn each other – unless they are encouraging a friend to join an Irish dating site and get back out there after a break up.  When they join free dating sites, Ireland’s singles might indeed be getting back out there after a break up.  But why do we urge our friends to get out try free dating online while also warning them about the dangers of dating someone who is rebounding?  What’s the truth about rebound dating?  Should you join free dating sites Ireland, or should you curl up alone and wait until you feel completely at peace with your break up? Continue reading

Irish Dating and Cheating: What to Do when Suffering from a Suspicious Mind

bigSo you’re dating in Dublin, seeing someone you met through free online dating, and things are getting serious.  You feel more like a couple than two Irish singles dating casually.  You’ve made a clear commitment not to see other people, and you are talking about moving in together.  But your significant other is acting a little strangely, and your gut instinct is to worry that that someone new has entered the picture.  When it comes to Irish dating, are you paranoid or perceptive? Continue reading

When You’re Dating Ireland Is Too Small to Burn Bridges Carelessly

ID-10040378No one wants to lose their temper and have a big, ugly, blazing row with someone they met on an Irish dating site.  When you are dating Dublin can feel like a very small town instead of a sprawling European capitol.  Really, no matter where you are dating Ireland is small, and news of poor behaviour can travel fast.  You won’t magically hit it off and live happily ever after with no conflict whether you meet your partner on a dating site, through mutual friends or any other way.  Every couple has arguments.  So whether in a serious relationship or casually dating Ireland’s couples need to know how to fight fair. Continue reading

How Irish Singles Can Overcome Romantic Rejection with Free Dating Online

157649528-575x400No free dating site can spare Irish singles the sting of occasionally feeling rejected, but taking the right approach to free dating online can turn a ‘no’ into a ‘know more’.  They say all is fair in love and war, and we all have times where we understand lumping ‘love’ and ‘war’ together because our egos are under attack.  When it comes to dating, Ireland is not always a land of cead mile failte.  But a free dating site can be a great place to learn more about what doesn’t work and what does. Continue reading

After a Breakup – How to Tell When You Are Ready to Try Free Dating Sites

ID-100111557Breaking up really is hard to do, even when you are the one who wants to break up.  If there is one topic that ignites debate among singles in Dublin and around the world it is how long one should wait before dating again.  Part of the reason it is an endless debate is that there is no solid, universal answer.  It depends.  Breaking up after dating for a few weeks is not like breaking up after 20 years of marriage, but even then it depends.  One person might be shattered after the end of what turned out to be a summer fling, while another might react to breaking up with a partner of several years by hitting the nearest nightclub and putting up profiles on every website for dating in Ireland.  Whatever the length of the relationship, free dating online is a great way to get back out there and meet singles in Dublin or any other town in Ireland.  But the question remains – how do you know if you are ready to begin dating in Ireland again? Continue reading