Online Dating for Single Parents Dating in Dublin and Beyond

Single-ParentsIrish dating websites are a great way for single mums and single dads to get back into the dating scene.  If you are Irish dating can involve a lot of evenings in the pub that don’t involve meeting anyone special, and that just isn’t a good option for single parents.  Joining a dating site means you can meet people after the little ones are tucked in without worrying about getting a child minder.  Here are a few tips for single parents who want to make the most of online dating. Continue reading

What’s the Truth about Singles in Ireland Dating on the Rebound?

dreamstime_xs_28238116-2ulkles7bpzq77t5m29fd6Rebound dating is the subject of much fear and derision.  Beware the rebounder, Dublin singles warn each other – unless they are encouraging a friend to join an Irish dating site and get back out there after a break up.  When they join free dating sites, Ireland’s singles might indeed be getting back out there after a break up.  But why do we urge our friends to get out try free dating online while also warning them about the dangers of dating someone who is rebounding?  What’s the truth about rebound dating?  Should you join free dating sites Ireland, or should you curl up alone and wait until you feel completely at peace with your break up? Continue reading

Clubs and Pubs versus Free Irish Dating Sites: Which Is Best?

Copy of ID-10040412When it comes to dating Ireland has plenty of ways to meet people.  We have cosy pubs, sleek nightclubs, and more people are using dating sites; Ireland has plenty of them.  The question is which are better – clubs or free Irish dating sites?  Let’s look at the pros and cons of dating sites versus clubs and pubs.

Continue reading

Watch Out for the Top Six People You Do Not Want to Meet Dating in Ireland

Suitor and RosesSingles in Dublin and everyone else dating in Ireland join a free dating site to meet someone special, and often that is exactly what happens on a dating site Ireland.  But no free dating online website can screen out every dating disaster, so beware of these characters.

  1. The Critic: He sends back his meal in a restaurant for the most minor complaints.  She can tell you exactly why that woman down the bar should not be wearing that outfit.  The critic will find fault with everything in time – including you.  This one has the potential to become abusive.  You’d do better to have another look at the free dating site to find someone kinder. Continue reading

Can a Dating Website Bring People Together When They Travel Far Apart?

woman-working-from-beach-horizDating in Dublin most of the year is one thing.  Getting together is easy when you both live in the same city, or at least in the same part of the country.  On free dating sites Ireland’s singles can find love in the next county even.  But what if one or both of you spend the summer elsewhere?  Sure, you can meet people all over the world on a dating site, but what about when you are dating offline but have to be apart for a prolonged time?  Can online dating help you keep it together when you’re apart?

Whether they meet at the local pub or through free dating sites Ireland’s couples sometimes have to spend long weeks or months apart.  Students studying and dating in Dublin who return home for the summer, retirees who travel to holiday homes abroad and military service members away for duty all need to find ways to cope with being apart.  Thankfully online dating and communication technology make it much easier today than it was a generation ago. It’s all in the planning. Continue reading