Clubs and Pubs versus Free Irish Dating Sites: Which Is Best?

Copy of ID-10040412When it comes to dating Ireland has plenty of ways to meet people.  We have cosy pubs, sleek nightclubs, and more people are using dating sites; Ireland has plenty of them.  The question is which are better – clubs or free Irish dating sites?  Let’s look at the pros and cons of dating sites versus clubs and pubs.

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Top Five Second Date Secrets for Dating Sites Ireland Needs to Know

tabletWhether you’re dating in Dublin, Detroit or Dubrovnik, one thing is the same. The first date is critical.  When you try free dating online, you’ll probably meet and date a lot of people.  So what can you do when you meet someone you’d like to get a second (and third, and fourth…) date with?  When you are in Ireland dating, you need a few tips to help ensure that first date leads to a second. Continue reading

On Dating Sites Ireland’s Romantic Culture Goes Beyond ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’

l-Kiss-me-Im-IrishIt’s March, and around the world people will be celebrating Irish culture and sporting t-shirts and badges saying ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’.  Singles here using online dating in Ireland, however, are not likely to be on that bandwagon.  The saying appears to actually be a play on the tourist tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone, but really, Irish singles are a lot more attractive than an old rock!  If we weren’t people around the globe wouldn’t be claiming Irish roots every March. Continue reading

What are the Most Romantic Spots for Dating in Ireland?

10hapennybridgeAre you looking for a few of the most unusual, romantic dating sites Ireland can offer?  Most people join free Irish dating sites hoping to meet someone fairly near them to meet up in person.  And with St. Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Dublin singles and people dating in Ireland are looking for romantic places.  We have no shortage of beautiful and romantic parks and ruins, but they are not ideal in February.  Free dating online at home is warm and cosy, but winter is not the season for outdoor dating in Ireland. Don’t despair!  When you meet new people on dating sites Ireland does have plenty of charming and romantic places to escape the dull, damp weather.  Here are a few that a just a bit off the beaten path for those who’ve met their valentine on free Irish dating sites. Continue reading

Irish Dating Tips: Preparing to Meet Someone New from a Dating Website

shutterstock_51162655In today’s Ireland dating often starts online with one of the many dating sites Ireland’s singles use.  Irish dating is not unusual that way; singles all over the world have tried a dating website.  But it is different from dating when you’ve met offline.  Before online dating, singles often met in pubs or through mutual friends.  Irish dating usually involved having a whole network of friends who knew something about your date, whether you were dating in Dublin or a rural village.  When you meet on a dating website, you can chat online and exchange messages before you met, which is a huge plus, but you don’t automatically have the network of people who can give you more information about your date.  (Although in Ireland dating someone who doesn’t know any of the same people you do is less common, unless your date is new to this country.) Continue reading