Clubs and Pubs versus Free Irish Dating Sites: Which Is Best?

Copy of ID-10040412When it comes to dating Ireland has plenty of ways to meet people.  We have cosy pubs, sleek nightclubs, and more people are using dating sites; Ireland has plenty of them.  The question is which are better – clubs or free Irish dating sites?  Let’s look at the pros and cons of dating sites versus clubs and pubs.

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Don’t Be THAT Person on Free Irish Dating Sites – Just Be Yourself!

smiechYour mammy might have told you that to make a good impression you just have to be yourself.  She was right, but it isn’t as easy when you are using dating sites.  On a dating site Ireland’s singles have to make do with photos and the written word – and those written words can really be tricky with free dating online because Dublin singles are reading between the lines and trying to decode what you’re really, really like. Continue reading

When You Meet Someone You Fancy on a Dating Website, Try a Little KISS

Copy of iStock_000017595988XSmallYou’ve heard the advice applied to every other aspect of life – work, home organization – so why not apply it to Irish dating?  No, sorry, that isn’t kiss – although that is also very popular – it is KISS, an acronym for Keep It Simple, Silly.  In general we like to keep things simple in Ireland; dating is the exception.  On a free dating online website or in the local, we are as likely to overcomplicate things as people anywhere else.  So what does it mean to keep it simple on dating sites? Continue reading

Are Dating Websites Ireland’s Healthiest Way to Meet People?

ID-100209643In January, many of us are focusing on our health.  We’re trying to cut down on the drink and the late nights, but this can pose a problem for singles who want to find someone special.  A lot of Irish dating starts in pubs and clubs – two the least healthy places to be.  Happily, healthy dating in Ireland is possible.  A free dating online website just might be a healthier way to go.  Irish dating sites have some real advantages for your health when you stop and think about it. Continue reading

How to Pick the Perfect Present for Your New Date from an Irish Dating Site

4609395When you are on dating sites, meeting someone special late in the year can be awkward at Christmas.  Whether you are living and dating in Dublin or travelling a distance to see each other, if your romance started through free online dating recently, you want to show you care without going overboard.  What can singles in Dublin and around Ireland do to find the gift that is meaningful but not so personal it says more than you meant it to? Continue reading