Dating in Ireland Makes Weekends Away Easy… If You Are Ready

mapaMaybe you said on your dating website profile that you love to travel and enjoy romantic weekends away.  Perhaps you have met someone really wonderful on a free dating site.  And with more and more sun, singles in Dublin might be especially eager to get away for a romantic rural break.  But online dating can sometimes lead you to think you know each other better than you do because you got a head start chatting on a dating website.  Only you will know when you’re ready to go away together, but here are a few tips to prepare for a romantic weekend away when you are dating in Ireland.  Continue reading

When You Meet Someone You Fancy on a Dating Website, Try a Little KISS

Copy of iStock_000017595988XSmallYou’ve heard the advice applied to every other aspect of life – work, home organization – so why not apply it to Irish dating?  No, sorry, that isn’t kiss – although that is also very popular – it is KISS, an acronym for Keep It Simple, Silly.  In general we like to keep things simple in Ireland; dating is the exception.  On a free dating online website or in the local, we are as likely to overcomplicate things as people anywhere else.  So what does it mean to keep it simple on dating sites? Continue reading

Before Finding Love on a Dating Site Ireland’s Singles Must Love Themselves

I-Love-Myself-300x199Loving yourself is the best way to find love on free dating sites or anywhere else.  Your dating website profile needs to reflect your confidence – not arrogance – and happiness with yourself so other Dublin singles see how lovable you are.  But dating in Dublin and being single can get all of us down sometimes.  Feeling rejected is part of a dating, so it is important to nurture your self-love.  All relationships take effort – even your relationship with yourself!  Here are some strategies to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem as you look for love on free dating sites. Continue reading

Irish Singles Can Balance Christmas Fun with Family, Friends and Dates

Christmas-coupleThey say a failure to plan is a plan to fail – and that is a good motto for anyone using a dating website.  This is a magical season for dating; Dublin and every town and village is being decorated and there is something very romantic about the twinkling lights, parties and cosy fires that mark this time of year.  But if you are meeting people on free dating sites Ireland’s traditional family Christmas celebrations can be hard to balance with new relationships and opportunities to meet people.  That’s why Irish singles need to be thinking ahead to the big day now. Continue reading

Irish Dating Tips: Preparing to Meet Someone New from a Dating Website

shutterstock_51162655In today’s Ireland dating often starts online with one of the many dating sites Ireland’s singles use.  Irish dating is not unusual that way; singles all over the world have tried a dating website.  But it is different from dating when you’ve met offline.  Before online dating, singles often met in pubs or through mutual friends.  Irish dating usually involved having a whole network of friends who knew something about your date, whether you were dating in Dublin or a rural village.  When you meet on a dating website, you can chat online and exchange messages before you met, which is a huge plus, but you don’t automatically have the network of people who can give you more information about your date.  (Although in Ireland dating someone who doesn’t know any of the same people you do is less common, unless your date is new to this country.) Continue reading