When You Move from Free Dating Sites to Meeting, Body Language Counts

bodylngThe point for many using dating websites, Ireland’s singles know, is to meet up for off-line Irish dating.  Free online dating is the means to meet new people and perhaps fall in love.  On free dating sites, your body language is irrelevant, and it is easy to forget that we communicate far more with our posture and gestures than with emoticons.  Continue reading

On Dating Sites Ireland’s Romantic Culture Goes Beyond ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’

l-Kiss-me-Im-IrishIt’s March, and around the world people will be celebrating Irish culture and sporting t-shirts and badges saying ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’.  Singles here using online dating in Ireland, however, are not likely to be on that bandwagon.  The saying appears to actually be a play on the tourist tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone, but really, Irish singles are a lot more attractive than an old rock!  If we weren’t people around the globe wouldn’t be claiming Irish roots every March. Continue reading

Irish Singles Can Treat Themselves Well by Being Their Own Valentines

velntine boxIt is as true as when Annie Lennox first sang it.  Sisters are doing it for themselves.  And so are the brothers.  Valentine’s Day can be harsh for singles in Dublin and everywhere else, but only if you buy into the idea that your life isn’t complete without a lifelong soul mate at your side.  Whether you are using free dating sites to find that special someone or you just enjoy meeting new people through online dating, there is no reason to sit around feeling lonely and miserable this St. Valentine’s Day.  Irish singles deserve better.  Unless you can love and respect yourself as a single person, no one else’s love and respect are going to make you feel complete.  When you feel good about yourself it comes through on a dating site; Ireland’s singles want to meet people who are comfortable in their own skin. Continue reading

Before Finding Love on a Dating Site Ireland’s Singles Must Love Themselves

I-Love-Myself-300x199Loving yourself is the best way to find love on free dating sites or anywhere else.  Your dating website profile needs to reflect your confidence – not arrogance – and happiness with yourself so other Dublin singles see how lovable you are.  But dating in Dublin and being single can get all of us down sometimes.  Feeling rejected is part of a dating, so it is important to nurture your self-love.  All relationships take effort – even your relationship with yourself!  Here are some strategies to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem as you look for love on free dating sites. Continue reading

Trust Matters When You Start a Relationship on a Free Dating Online Website

thumbr.phpMost of us use the internet every day in Ireland, dating, socializing, shopping, looking for work, doing research and more.  When we use it so much for banking, shopping and talking to our nearest and dearest, it’s easy to develop a sense of security.  But most internet users are also savvy enough to realize that online just like in the rest of life, things are not always what they seem.  So when we start checking out free dating sites, it’s normal to be a little suspicious.  After all, online Dublin singles and others are often meeting new people without any mutual friends to vouch for them as they would be in other Irish dating situations such as the pub or the GAA.  Trust is not automatic on free dating online websites. Continue reading