How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work?

Keeping a relationship alive across the miles is no easy task. Here are eight strategies that can help you thrive in a long-distance relationship.


1. Define the parameters – together.

Sit down together and map out this new long-distance arrangement. For each of you, what are your concerns? How often will you visit? What about the kids? Are there domestic issues (household upkeep, car, finances, etc.) that may require a new plan? What about relationship worries, such as intimacy, jealousy and trust? Get everything out into the open from the get-go so you can both begin this new adventure on the same footing.

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How to write that first message?

I am not very good at expressing myself in writing and I’ve been struggling to think up good stuff to write in my first messages to women on the site. I sent a few contact requests but then I just couldn’t think of anything to write that doesn’t sound just silly or pointless. Is there a trick to it? (Peter, 41)

There is no trick to writing a good first message to someone. Sometimes, just saying hi and that you liked someone’s profile is enough.


Before sending messages, you should make sure your profile tells women enough about you so that they can tell whether or not they are interested. Writing about yourself is not easy, but does give you plenty of handy boxes to fill, so you don’t need to think too hard about what sort of things to include. If your profile is detailed, you wont need to try too hard with your first message. The woman will look at your profile and, if she wants to know more about you, will keep the conversation going.

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