Are You Sure Your Heart Is Open to Finding Real Love on an Irish Dating Site?

il_fullxfull.401655393_e1uaNot everyone who joins a free dating site is looking for real love and a serious relationship.  People do use free online dating for carefree dating, and that’s great.  But others join Irish dating sites in search of a meaningful, long term relationship and unconsciously sabotage themselves.  If you are frustrated with your experience with free online dating, Dublin’s club scene and meeting people through activities, you have to ask yourself if you are unconsciously creating barriers to finding that special someone.We all tend to do this from time to time, and we’re often the last ones to notice it.  It doesn’t matter who you are – Irish, Chinese, Australian, South African, Polish – dating is complicated because people are complicated.  Ask yourself a few questions and see if you are making it hard for love to find you on a free dating site.

  • Did you leave a lot of questions blank on your free online dating profile?  That makes it hard for others to decide if they want to contact you.  Put in more information and you will get not only more messages, but more messages from people who have more in common with you.  If you want to get dating ‘Dublin GAA fan’ is not enough information for an Irish dating site.
  • Did you go too far the other way and overload your free dating site profile?  Being extremely specific about the kind of person you want to meet will discourage others from contacting you, and if your profile makes you sound incredibly busy, people who are seeking a serious, committed relationship are likely to think you might already be over committed.
  • Are you making up trivial reasons to reject people?  Do you think you can only be happy with someone with a similar background?  When it comes to dating Dublin and all of Ireland are a lot more diverse than ever before, which means you have more options and opportunities on Irish dating sites.  Whether you are Irish, Nigerian or Polish dating is more about finding someone who shares your values and beliefs than someone who grew up near you.  You don’t really need free online dating to meet people in your own postcode.  And those of you in the big smoke need to remember that when it comes to dating Dublin isn’t the only place in Ireland to find wonderful singles.
  • Albert Einstein once said one definition of insanity was repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting different results.  If you are sending out a generic message to people on a free dating site and not hearing back, you need to change the message.  And generic messages describing yourself are not as appealing as messages that show you’ve read the other person’s free online dating profile and have something in common.

While you haven’t invested any money joining a free dating site, you have invested your time and your hope.  Whether you are Irish, Canadian or Polish dating can feel risky.  It isn’t easy to put yourself out there and really open your heart.  But if you’ve joined an Irish dating site, why not make the most of it?