Watch Out for the Top Six People You Do Not Want to Meet Dating in Ireland

Suitor and RosesSingles in Dublin and everyone else dating in Ireland join a free dating site to meet someone special, and often that is exactly what happens on a dating site Ireland.  But no free dating online website can screen out every dating disaster, so beware of these characters.

  1. The Critic: He sends back his meal in a restaurant for the most minor complaints.  She can tell you exactly why that woman down the bar should not be wearing that outfit.  The critic will find fault with everything in time – including you.  This one has the potential to become abusive.  You’d do better to have another look at the free dating site to find someone kinder. Continue reading

Dating in Ireland Makes Weekends Away Easy… If You Are Ready

mapaMaybe you said on your dating website profile that you love to travel and enjoy romantic weekends away.  Perhaps you have met someone really wonderful on a free dating site.  And with more and more sun, singles in Dublin might be especially eager to get away for a romantic rural break.  But online dating can sometimes lead you to think you know each other better than you do because you got a head start chatting on a dating website.  Only you will know when you’re ready to go away together, but here are a few tips to prepare for a romantic weekend away when you are dating in Ireland.  Continue reading

Are You Sure Your Heart Is Open to Finding Real Love on an Irish Dating Site?

il_fullxfull.401655393_e1uaNot everyone who joins a free dating site is looking for real love and a serious relationship.  People do use free online dating for carefree dating, and that’s great.  But others join Irish dating sites in search of a meaningful, long term relationship and unconsciously sabotage themselves.  If you are frustrated with your experience with free online dating, Dublin’s club scene and meeting people through activities, you have to ask yourself if you are unconsciously creating barriers to finding that special someone. Continue reading

Today’s Irish Singles Can Overcome Our History of Not Talking about Intimacy

inside_1357212528_640x640People try free online dating for a number of reasons.  In Ireland dating can mean different things to different people.  Some hope to flirt online, while others are looking for a quick hook up.  But most Irish singles join a free dating site to find the right person for a meaningful relationship.  Getting to know each other first online can take a lot of pressure off, but if a relationship moves from free online dating to offline romance and the couple want to work on a serious, loving relationship, it helps if they can talk openly about sexual intimacy.  Every individual and every couple have their own communication style, but here are five tips for avoiding misunderstandings. Continue reading

Surviving the Season: Tips for Irish Singles

christmas-party_peopleThis is a festive and magical time of year… for the most part!  It is also a time of year when Irish singles can feel pressure or disappointment about being single.  Maybe another year has gone by without The One showing up on your free dating site.  Or maybe it’s a particular aunt you see only at Christmas who thinks you really need her opinion on your life.  Even the joy of couples we know and the images of Christmas romance in ads and shop windows can get the most upbeat Dublin singles down.  Whether you are 25 or 55, a lifelong Dub or Polish, dating a few people you met through free dating online casually is great fun, but not everyone understands that at Christmas. Continue reading